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This dolphin seems to be saying “follow me, I’ll show you the way”. This was on the west side approaching norwest point. He was with a pod of six. The others swam off but he stayed in front of Morten’s boat for a long time. He finally veered off when he turned in toward our camp site.

On the first morning of  our trip I headed out to Billy Island with Morten close behind. I didn’t shut down soon enough when nearing the island as I ran right on a tarpon. Then I noticed a big push coming off a flat on the island. At first I thought it was a big school of bonefish. Then I noticed the black tails and the bigger fish. It was a school of permit which numbered between 30 and 40. They disappeared in deeper water. A few moments later Anne spotted them again and they were coming directly toward their boat. Morten had  his avalon fly out and directly in their approaching path. When they got near and he stripped, they turned and blew out wanting nothing to do with this supposedly hot fly. They were all big fish and even though no hookups it was fun seeing them.

The  other day I told Erik about this nearby inland lake which held baby tarpon. I said it would be a great spot for trying out his new paddle board raft. At first he doubted me and acted like I was sending him on a wild goose chase. Finally I convinced him to try it. He returned later that afternoon with a big smile on his face. He caught four tarpon in that small lake and said he saw  many more. I told him a thank you would be appreciated and he did so. We will call this spot location X.


  1. You know Al, for just a “trout fishing website” you seem to know a think or two about the salt as well! Thanks again for the heads up, especially as I look out the window and see snow here. Already thinking towards next years possibilities……..and here’s to location Y and Z that have yet to be discovered

  2. and in case that sounded sarcastic, inside joke for Al. I’m eternally grateful for all the knowledge and tips he’s unselfishly given to me since I started going to Andros. But I have to admit, until I ran into where the tarpon were on that lake I hadn’t seen a thing and was starting to wonder if he and Hank were laughing their arsses off back at the dock for pulling one over on me!

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