Improving Conditions

In just the last 24 hours the river has dropped considerably and visibility improved to about two feet. It is now at 75oo cfs and dropping. It all depends how much rain we get this weekend as it could still bump up big time.

It looks like now Simmons has the closest prediction of May 30 at 9122 cfs. As I said though, this could change fairly quickly.

There are still plenty of caddis flies and some mayflies showing up. If you find some back water the dry fly fishing is pretty good. Art found some of this on the upper river and caught several grayling on top.

The pools in the Dewey Canyon are good. Low side drift boats should  still avoid this stretch.

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Big Hole River 7800 cfs Maidenrock

With the rising river it  is getting to the level where it is marginal getting under Browns Bridge. You can get under it on the far right side but if you intend on pulling out there, you are screwed. Be a good idea to avoid that stretch for know.

Also I would suggest all hard boats especially low  sides to stay out of the Dewey Canyon. If you have a raft and are good on the sticks and want a thrill, put your life jacket  on and shoot the canyon.

If you intend on getting out at Divide, there is no way to portage the dam now and you will have to shoot it.

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Caddis And High Water


Nice fish on a little dry fly.

The caddis came off day before yesterday and  that afternoon we had stellar fishing. In one  spot Art made five casts and hooked five fish. Yesterday the caddis were thick but very few  fish coming up  for them. The river was steadily rising and still  is. Too bad all this high water just when the caddis show up. This can be some of the best dry fly fishing of the year.

The river is now at 6550 and rising. Pretty much blown out  for now.

If you have not made your prediction for peak flow, you may want to get it in soon.

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This shot was taken about a week ago. Looks like some pretty miserable conditions right? It was miserable but these two fisherman were having a grand time. On that particular day they caught numerous brown trout and a couple bows. I forgot how many they said but it was a bunch.

The river is now running at 5000 cfs and rising. This is the start of the runoff and it  will last awhile. Amazing as it is the river is still fishing, especially on the upper. Not real good but fishing. Also the caddis are still to come off which they will regardless of the flow. When that happens just find some back water and have fun.

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Lousy Weather, Super Fishing


This photo was from a couple days ago when it was bright, sunny and a little tough fishing. Simmons and partner still managed to get a nice one. In my boat we got a 21 incher but it was basically pretty slow and Bob refused to go to the dark side.

Today it is completely overcast with frequent snow showers. Not good for working on your tan but man is it ever good fishing. Streamers and some good baetis action.

The flow is 3200 cfs and slowly dropping. Visibility is much more than you really need. In other words the river is in great shape.

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Pic Of The Perp


Just look at the eyes and you can tell this guy has an attitude. That’s the guy who attacked Jim and chased us in the shuttle van twice.

The river has leveled off and is dropping slightly. Flow at Maidenrock  is currently at 3900. Yesterday it looked pretty bad but the clarity has improved much and I will make the call that it is now fishing.

I look for it to continue to drop with this cool weather and evening temps below freezing.

I have a 2004 Clackacraft, 15ft for sale. Great shape with Sawyer oars and trailer—$5500.

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Bigger And Bigger

Ben's 28 incher

Ben and Zach who guided for me last week decided to do an R&D trip on their own and look what Ben came up with. Measured at an amazing 28 inches. When I said the fishing was good last week that was an under statement.

The fishing today is marginal at best. The flow jumped to 3300 cfs last night and the visibility pretty much went to hell. I wouldn’t say it is  totally blown out but personally I wouldn’t waste my time on it. High temps. in the next few days are to be in the low 50’s so it should improve then.

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Man Eating Pheasant

doug's dadDoug’s dad with a measured 25 incher.

The other day Jim and his friend were heading down to the Maidenrock area when they came upon this rooster pheasant standing in the middle  of the road.  Jim’s friend got out to chase it off the road. Instead of running off it came after him and started pecking on his pant leg. He had enough of that and jumped back in the truck. Then the killer pheasant flew up and started raking his spurs on the window. They couldn’t believe it. He called me that evening and told the story. I believed him as earlier that day we came across that same bird. He would not get out of the road and actually chased the van about a … Continue reading