Too Close


Brett was floating with me on the lower river last week. I spotted this moose in the willows. So Brett got up on the bank to see if he could  get a pic and there he was, right in front of him. Young bull but see how his ears are perked. He was not going to back down and Brett was getting nervous. I yelled to him if he charged to dive into the river and hope he doesn’t follow.

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  1. Marc. Simkins

    Floating down the Snake once in Idaho, We were really focused on fishing a seam and looked up and a bull moose was standing in the river right in front of us. About 15 feet away. He was feeding and we bumped into him with the raft near his butt. He didn’t even flinch. Must have been really focused on eating and didn’t want to move for a couple of stupid humans. But, I will still give them a lot of leeway. They can be mean.

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