First Bonefish

Jamie’s first bonefish

First time out, first hour and Jamie hooks up with a nice bonefish with ‘Tommy’s help. They were just a little ways up the creek. So now the boy is hooked big time. Especially after the last couple days when they were on the west side and caught several bonefish.

No tarpon sightings as of yet on the west side. I think they are just waiting untiil I make my trip to the Williams Island area which I have not done yet. However as soon as good weather window for a few days we are off on another adventure.

Weather has been very warm but windy for the part few days. Today is light west wind out of the west which is ideal for the these east side ocean flats. Problem is the tide is wrong with high tide around mid day. Oh well, gonna bitch about something.



  1. tone the bone

    Cloudy. Cold. Snow. Auction day. Getting my long johns on and get to spend 6 hrs outside. Don’t you dare bitch!!!!

    • Agreed!!!!!!!

    • Yeah Boiy! 6 weeks from tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be “bitchin'” right along with Al. Meanwhile, back at 21 degrees and blowing snow in PA grrrrrr……

      • Its 42 degrees here today!!!! Heat wave…. I wish i could say in six weeks I’ll be with yah but, I’ll be in Phoenix for a week. Should be fun. See some spring training games, maybe a little golf. Still not the Island though!!!!

  2. I admit jamie is excited so much that he can feel it in his bones, as he hooks up every day.
    that so funny Tony LOL.

  3. James Mawyer

    Liz and I had a great time. The fishing was great. Tommy was a great guide and put me on the fish everyday. I look forward to getting back down to the flats. The company was equally enjoyable and the hospitality at Hank’s Place can’t be beat. Save me some tusks next time Al. See you in Montana.

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