Whoops, here they is mon


Tommy Kee and client--Andros Island

Tarpon, near Rdd Bays, Andros Island


  1. Those are sweet pix. When I talked with Tommy in Hanks the day after this happened he said that fish jumped all over the fly. He was pretty happy about it and getting ready to go back with another client. I hope they scored on that trip too!

  2. Justin Hartman

    We looked for those guys with Tommy but didn’t have any luck that day. Awesome fish.

  3. Tone The Bone

    Wow! Keep looking at that fish and am guessing 60#.? What a fish!

    • definitely the 50-70 range. that size usually the most acrobatic tarpon too. Would have liked to see that bite in the west side clear water

      • Tone The Bone

        Did you get any shots at the poon or permit while you were there?

        • no poon, didn’t really look for them after dark on the government dock. Saw two permit up the creek on the back side of Labowsky “island” in that channel. had my son casting a plug at the schools of small jacks swimming by and there they were and then there they weren’t. No mistaking them though. First ones I’ve ever seen like that on Andros. Also saw a couple muttons on the flats. Smaller ones but still cool to see them. Problem was they saw me before I could cast to them.

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