Up And Down

A happy fisherperson. Courtesy of Erik

Big Hole River 2190 cfs—-Maidenrock

With this warm weather the river for the most part is on the rise. It is still  fishing, just not very good. Visibility is still about two feet.

With the temp today in the mid 70’s there were plenty of pleasure boats. It’s a long winter here in Montana (even though I would not know any more) and folks are ready to get out in the warm sun.

Looks like it’s going to cool back down during the week. Will just have to wait and see what the river does. I gave up on predicting flows.


  1. Day or two after Hank took my son and I out bottom fishing, we decided to try it on our own. Pictured here with my daughter is a triggerfish, which according to Hank……after catching the only three the previous day he proclaimed them the smartest fish in the sea. Mind you I don’t think that had anything to do with the loaded conch shells going over his side of the boat :). Anyway, we got three more of these the next day (not using conch I might add) and a pile of strawberry grouper and snappers. Took JJ and Daria out with us, two local kids and had a blast. Enough for another big meal that night at Hanks. Bottom fishing is something I’ve never done in my 7 years going to Andros because we’re always too busy chasing bonefish. But I think that just might change in the future.

    • I believe that is a queen triggerfish….And a beauty at that!

      Is it time for the runoff prediction yet?

      I will put up another 5 articulated pumpkin buggers to the winner, along with a six pack of lager made in Melrose, Montana.

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