Trolling for conch—-or sharks


Trolling Jan and Audrey

Now towing these two mermaids looking for conch proved  to be very effective. I told them I would warn them well in advance if a shark joined the hunt. I did see one but they couldn’t hear me with their heads in the water and besides the conch hunting was great.

I have  not done any serious fishing the last couple  days as the weather has been tough. Lots of wind and clouds  and forecast for the rest of the week is for strong winds. I only have two weeks left here and desperately looking for a good  weather window to do another west side  trip. May have to be one  day trips with my buddy Gerald from Red Bays.

Got  a note from  Chuck Robbins from Dillon, Mt. and he said the Big Hole River is ice free all the way up to East Bank. Said he caught some nice brown trout on  JJ’s.

I will be back on March 20th and plan to have the shop  open couple days after that.


  1. Justin Hartman

    You make Hank any more Conch salad…heavy on the goat pepper?

  2. I’m gonna have to try that with Greg and Mike……..of course I’ll be driving!

  3. Frank Stanchfield

    Better tell Chuck to open his eyes. Still iced up above and below Troutfitters.

  4. Notice who’s in the boat and who’s out.

  5. Yes Jan have never seen al touch h20 in Montana ,got first trout on skwallas yesterday…….

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