Streamers, Dry’s, Nymphs


Courtesy of Erik

Photo from Erik, just back from Andros

Big Hole River 1610 cfs

Fishing is really starting to pick up on the Big Hole and got a good report on the Jefferson.

Big streamers as well as skwalla patterns at certain times are producing. Of course the ole turd n a worm always works.

I must have been on drugs when I made my preseason fly orders last fall. Wow did I ever order some fly’s. They are now coming in and I have to go to the bank and get a loan. I have several new patterns that I know will work just by looking at them. I’m a sucker for new patterns. That’s why the reps love me.

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  1. That was a shark that took the grouper Hank had on. Now you have to understand Hank had this rig with only about 100 feet of line on it I’d guess. So there were a few times it was down to just a couple spins of the spool and he’d a been at the end. But he really stuck it to him and miraculously got him up to the boat. Not sure what kind it was but it was no lemon. We had numerous breakoffs like that where we’d be realing in a much smaller fish and WHOOMPF you got nailed like that. Fishing with Hank was comedy relief. Was alot of fun.

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