West Goat Peak as the storms roll in


Big Hole River 4820 cfs—-Maidenrock

So far I think the predictions are way off this year. How about this one? Peak flow on April 29th at 6100 cfs. You think I’m nuts?? maybe. Stay tuned to see what happens.
Obviously the river is blown out. Much cooler temps and snow forecast for tomorrow.


  1. Im guessing may 15 6350…… Then rain in July and August to keep flows above bone dry through September.

  2. I’ll vote for 6200 on the 1st of May.

  3. I do think it will be earlier than usual, and not quite as high, but we shall see.
    The cooler weather will keep it under control for a day or two, but once it hit 75 degrees, water will start pouring out.
    However, after witnessing the ice dam release this year, anything is possible.

  4. Maidenrock currently reads 6,160

  5. I may have missed it. I think it was yesterday at 6200.

  6. We have a group of 5 comming over the hill from Hamilton and one all the way fro Iowa for an annual BH fishing trip May 2nd-6th. We typically float from Divide down. Would the upper river (fishtrap area) be a better bet if we can get it to drop to at least 5000cfs by then.

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