Peak Flow

Big Hole River 3180 cfs—Maidenrock

With this unseasonal warm weather last couple days the river will take a few days to get back in shape. Forecast is for much colder toward the end of the week.

I don’t think it is too early to start predicting the peak flow for this year. This will be a real challenge this year. Last year we knew it would be late with all the snow and cold spring. This year is anybody’s guess. Last year’s winner was Holly Asmuth. So start sending me your predictions and I will post them in the shop.

Today I took a drive up to Squaw Ck. bridge—-excuse me, I mean Mud Ck. bridge. Visibility up there is no better than down here. All the creeks coming in up there are fairly clear. Wise River is up a bit but not dirty.

That Hyd

just add water

e drift boat is in great shape as well as the trailer.

15 foot Hyde drift boat----$3500


  1. Rick Oie - Helena

    Alright, I’m in and I’m going to do WAY better than last year on this contest…June 1st, 6500 CFS

  2. Scott in PDX

    June 10th. 6250 CFS.

  3. Okay, June 12th 7152 CFS

  4. June 8th Maidenrock 7,200

    Thanks to Al for the new drift boat!!!!

    She’ll be staying in Melrose on the Big Hole where she belongs!

  5. Cris Weatherford

    Ok so I am thinking of coming out there from NC at the end of July begining of August. From what you guys see now, what could we expect flow-wise around that time? Or is it wayyy to early to look that far out?

    • Depending on the weather I think flows shoud be normal to above normal. Al has a link to the USGS that measures the river’s flows throughout the year. Check it out.

    • You’ll be fine by the end of July…..
      Just hope it stays cool.
      Warm weather means more water is pulled for irrigation and the Big Hole
      can get pretty warm for those cold water fish.

      Nothing beats the Big Hole in Early August.
      Bring your terrestrials and small attractors!

  6. Mark Meissner

    I’m thinking she’ll peak on June 3rd at 6750. Although I think Al’s guess of April 29th may not be such a long shot….

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