North With Hermon


Temp. 82 Wind SSE 10

Hermon and I drove north today to a flat he wanted to  show me. I was very impressed to say the least. We drove right to it and this flat is huge and I mean huge. It’s really easy wading and you could do it barefoot. The best part is all of the  fish were in the 4 to 6 pound range. Singles, pairs and I saw one school with 5 but most were pairs. If you made a good cast and not hit them on the head like I did a  couple times, they would literally charge the fly. Hermon had one that the fly pulled out and the fish turned and ate it again—hungary fish. He asked if I would not give the exact location and I respect that. Also there is a couple more flats to drive to that he wants to show me.

Long walk but fun day with my old friend.


  1. Hi Al!
    Been watching to see when you would get back to the island, but missed it by a couple of days. Glad to hear the hurricane wasn’t too rough and that all are well. Hello to all, Eve, Spray and and Hank too, from Debbie and I.

    Bet I know where you went with Herman! What a great guy to get out and fish with!

    I’m expecting to get down for a couple weeks again Feb/march, but don’t have the dates down yet. Will let you know so you know when to lay off “sore-mouthin” the fish on my favorite flats!


  2. Thats what i love about that island. There are lots of places you can get to and the fishing is great. Say hello to my friend. Hope they have a wonderful holiday season.


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