Mutton Snapper

Mutton Snappers

Last couple days the weather has been so great with very light wind and calm seas. Hank and I  could  not resist going out beyond  the  reef again today.  Gotta get more of those fish for Christmas presents and did we ever.

I hooked up with four huge Muttons out in deeper water and lost them all. I fought one for so long it was wearing me out trying to keep  it off the bottom and I handed the rod to Hank. He struggled with it until it  wore him  out and  then back to me. Sadly it finally got around a rock on the bottom and broke off  as did three others. Oh well, lots of fun. I  need to definitely get a  bigger rod for these big fish as they all basically ate  my lunch. I will get Hank to comment and verify these battles with these big fish.


  1. How big can a mutton get?

    • I think they can get into the 20-30# range. This picture must show Hanks cooler…. Al’s are probably much bigger.

  2. I never saw such big mutting fish for a while i taught Al was hook in the rocks
    until he said he was tired and give me his rod you never give up your rod dont care how big the fish is
    after a while i give it back to him because i want to get one on my rod
    because if he get one and i dont i would have to move ot of my house.
    So i hook into one i was fishing with 30 lbs test that was to much work to try to ketck them in that dept of water so i pull ou my 120lbs test hand line the next day my hand look like crack conch i wasw tired after ketching so much fish two days before
    I have to get one of those big mutting tomorrow, we was not ready for such bib fish
    next time we will

  3. Hank never disappoints and is always worth the price of admission!

  4. tone the bone

    Lol. Hank; every time i hear your name or see ya i just start smilin. Your a beauty. Lol……..

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