Montana Boys

Fresh Creek Harbor and The Bradypus

Justin and Cory from Tightline Outfitters in  Dillon, Mt. and some of their friends from Nashville were here on their first bonefishing trip last  week. They were guided by Herman Bain, Tommy Kee  and Bonefish Bradley. First couple days  were good with everybody getting several hookups. They ranged in location from  the North Bight and the west side to Bowen Sound, Young Sound and Fresh Creek. Last couple days were tough with lots of wind and clouds. Even with that they found fish.

The other night I  went with Justin  and Cory to the  government dock looking for tarpon. The tide was right but there were not many shrimp coming down the creek for some reason. They were blind casting into the channel  anyway in hopes of a hookup. I was with Cory when all of a sudden Justin screamed. I looked over and this big tarpon was coming right on his  fly. In his excitement, he did the cuda strip  and took the fly right away from . I yelled to slow strip but it was too late and the tarpon was gone. Next couple evenings we tried again but saw no more tarpons mon.

I have a couple good pics of the boys with big cuda and bonefish but can’t load them for some reason. Will get them on later. This was their first bonefish experience and definitely not the last.


  1. Tone The Bone

    Gm al; was curious if you could share pics of hank and eva’s new home. With they’re blessing of course. Have a great day hangin……..

  2. Justin Hartman

    Dang Tarpon. That was a great visual watching the fish roll on my fly. I can still see the fish coming to the surface in the moonlight when I close my eyes. Was a great trip, thank you for all the organization. We will be back.

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