Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend

Big Hole River 3150 cfs
That photo pretty much shows what the weather was like for most of the three day weekend. For those who braved the conditions, the rewards were pretty good. Mostly streamer action and some nymph action.
Speaking of nymphs, recently I was slightly chastised for demeaning nymph fisherman. Using terms like going  to the dark side and bobber brothers and such. I assure you it is all in fun. Matter of fact I used to have a friend who was a nymph fisherman. Actually I do it more than I let on.
Then there are my friends down in Dillon who I affectionately refer to as The Beaverhead Trash. These poor guys fish that way ninety percent of the time. They use two tiny nymphs, a pound of lead and a volley ball for an indicator. They spend half their day reriggin. They get one set up and before they pull the anchor the other guy has his rig in the willows behind them. These guys earn their money.
Forecast is for warmer and nicer weather this week. Should be good fishin.
Bobber on.


  1. Justin Hartman

    What is your stance on bobber fishing if there is a streamer tied on the end of the rig? If we do that, then we get the best of both worlds: a big bright volleyball that we can see (and the fish sometimes eat, so therefore all dry fly nuts will like it) and a big piece of bunny fur on the end searching for trout. Can’t we all just agree this would be the best way to fish?

  2. tell ’em Al.

  3. Laurel & Jack from DE

    Isn’t that a song, “Bobb, Bobb, Bobb, , Bobb bobber on…”. Hey, we’re sitting here sweltering in 90+ degree weather and you’re wearing snow shoes to get down to the river bank??? We’ll wait a few weeks before we come see you.

  4. Regardless of how you fished this weekend, it didn’t matter. The river was awesome.
    We floated on Saturday from Melrose to Brownes.
    Sunday from Glen to Notch, and Monday from Browns to Glen.
    Up until the last 20 minutes, we didn’t see another boat all weekend.

    Streamer action was decent, lots of 14-16 inch browns and rainbows.
    A couple in the 18-20 range. Yellow was the color of choice.

  5. Why would you fish with a boober if you can streamer fish?

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