Big ice jam below Anaconda Sportsman campground

Big Hole above East Bank

Big Hole River 1850 cfs

Conditions continue to deterioate with the ice breaking upriver. Visibility here by the shop is down to about a foot. From Troutfitters upstream there is lots of ice floating down river. Going upstream there are several ice jams and a couple big ones. The one just below Sportsman campground is almost half mile long.

Bottom line is it will take some time for all this ice to break up before conditions improve. Fishing is not totally blown out here but it is tough to say the least.

Not a very good report but that’s the way it is.




  1. Now it’s beyond marginal. Presently at 2900 cffs and it had spiked all the way up to 3500 last night when a big ice jam must have broke loose.

    • The ice jam is gone from below the sportsman. Although there are some huge ice blocks at the lower sportsman parking area, stacked up higher than Heather.

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