Dorado On A Fly

Dolphin (Dorado)

Blue Water Fly Fishing

Current Temp: 68  WindN0

An exciting change to flats  fishing is to experience some blue water  fly fishing. A dolphin (dorado) on a fly is quite an experience. Best fishing for these is out by the tongue of the ocean near one of the buoys. Technique is to use chum to get them in the area  and then it is usually a no brainer. When they are on the feed they will hit almost  anything. If you  get a big one be prepared for a lengthy fight. An 11 or 12 wt.  rod is  best.

Many of the  area guides and Hank will take fly  fisherman out to these  areas. If the wind is over 15 I would not suggest going out in a flats skiff but rather  an  offshore boat. If  you tend to  get sea sick  you better stick to  the  flats. Also if  you go  with Hank there  is no  turning back  and he does  not come  back until  the  cooler is full.



  1. Justin Hartman

    Looks like you’re having a good time. Chum huh? Is that your trick on the B.H as well?

  2. Hank chums. Only way he can keep up with Al and Audrey!


    • You sound like you are trying to start some trouble!!!!!! LOL. Don’t want to get an Hank’s bad side!

  3. 18 below here this morn in Teton valley.lovely.(and no snow)

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