Blanket Sound

Local gals---Hanks Place

Blanket Sound
Fish on, Blanket Sound

The other day on the way back from Red Bays I decided to stop and check out the fishing at Blanket Sound. I had not been there yet this year and not sure why not. It’s a great place to wade fish  with white sand bottom and a huge flat. It was low tide and I waded out toward the channel you see in the pic. I found the fish in the real shallow water just this side of the channel and they were cooperative, very cooperative.

These gals were eager to pose when they saw I had a camera. This was here at Hanks Place last night. Every Saturday night he has BBG and music on the dock bar. Not quite sure why they all were wearing white minis and didn’t ask. They were having a good  time. I would  have danced with them but I got this bad knee you  know…..


  1. tone the bone

    ya; i bet that knee was really bothering you. theyed a killed yas! lol…..yep; i found it strange that the state would shut the bridge down without notifying all of us that live there. have you heard anything yet?

  2. tone the bone

    hello agian; for those of you that have an interst in the silver bridge situation i just got off the phone with the head bridge engineer for silver bow county. his name is nathan haddick. very nice guy and he shared with me that in doing a close inspection of the bridge they found or deemed the bridge un-safe. the aproach stand on the west side is in very bad shape and is in question if its even possible to fix it. thus the no notification to the local land owners. a very rushed decision. nathan assures me that after their meeting next week there will be made a decision to 1. repair the bridge. 2. destroy the bridge and build a new one. (questimate. just over $1,000,000) 3. destroy it and call it a day. he assures me that there will be public meetings regarding the situation and that our opinion matters. the closure was for public safety and i for one applaud their decision to close it imediatly. i asked nathan to keep me in the loop after next weeks meeting and he said he would. i’ll see you next week al. we will be there for st. pattys day and we can make a plan. after the pump station fight i have a feeling your ready to go get em agian. i dont think our fellow neighbors, fisherman, hunters and friends are going to allow the state to destroy a historical site such as silver bridge. later.

  3. I can’t believe there were no more comments about the Saturday night local beauty’s. I hope it didn’t scare anybody off—-lol.

  4. Al,
    I was “reviewing” the pic when my wife walked up behind me. Her response “so I thought it was just you, Erik and guys down there”. This one pic will cost me.

  5. Tone The Bone

    Lol; i know your pain greg.

  6. Yeah but Tony, on the flip side of the coin Mike now says he needs a bigger pickup with all those chicks hangin’ around lol

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