Big Cuda

Gogie and Cuda

More bottom fishing  today  with legendary Mutton Fish Gogie. Fishing was good until this big guy moved  in and gobbled  down half  the fish we were bringing in. Gogie said we get dis guy. He tied  on a  piece of steel leader and a  big hook on his 90 pound hand  line. We baited it with half of a yellow tail snapper he had left us. Within seconds he ate it. This guy was hungry and that was his demise.

Now as to eat him, do  so  at your own risk. We caught him out by the reef and he was a bit dark. Odds are it would be ok and Uncle took him in a heart beat. Personally, even though I really like cuda I would not eat this guy.

We caught lots of mutton and yellowtail snapper which are excellent eating. It seems  lately I  have been having more fun with this fishing than hunting  the elusive bones.

Tomorrow probably going  after the bones again but will see what the weather does  in the morning.



  1. Well….regardless of what you decide to do.
    It is -12 this morning here in the Rockies.
    So enjoy it for all of us!!!

  2. what makes them dark and good or bad to eat?

    • They say if they start to turn black after being caught, there is a good chance they are poison. There is no sure fire way to detect if they are poison that I know of. Some of the Bahamians say if when cleaning them the flies don’t land on it, it is poison. Others say if you touch your tongue to the blood and it tingles, they are poison. Best way is the way Gogie does it. Give half to your neighbor and watch him for a day or two. If he’s ok then it’s ok to eat the rest.

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