Adios Andros

John describing the tarpon he hooked

Current conditions at my house

Current temp: 85 wind E10

Current conditions at my house in Montana—-I don’t want to  talk about it.

Well it’s adios Andros tomorrow morning. Really can’t believe how the time has fled.

Pretty exciting action Saturday night at the government dock. John and Bob were both fishing there. Bob was in search of tarpon with this tarpon rig up. John had on a sabiki rig which is small beads with small hooks (#12) and  is rigged to catch bait  fish such as pilchers, shad etc. It is fished  with a jigging motion. He was doing  this when his line went super tight and shot out in the harbor and then this big tarpon comes flying out of the water. He made two great jumps before before becoming unhooked. Bob was standing right nest to John when all this took place  and verified every bit  of it. Amazing, maybe we need to change tactics going after these big boys. But hooking one on a sabiki rig??? This has to be a first and I would  like to hear about it if not.

I hear the Butte , Mt. airport has been closed last  couple  days due to snow. From what I hear and see I don’t tink we have to  worry about snowpack getting to average  any more.


  1. If it was John, he probably snagged da ting across its back! Thanks for another season of reporting your Andros follies to us less fortunate to spend the winters down there. Always gives me something to look forward to each morning to start my day. My countdown is at 11 days and then I’ll show John how to actually land one 🙂

  2. It was in the 60’s last week in Melrose, but with the recent temperature drop and snow falling, I guess it is too early to predict the high runoff date…..
    Thanks for the Andros report, makes waking up to 12 degrees in Wyoming a bit more tolerable…..

  3. Snow today in Spokane. Need some warm weather to get rid of these winter blues!

  4. Tone The Bone

    Thanks al; like all the rest. The reports are great. Yep! Your snow shovel is ready

  5. You could have come to Chicago. Been in the 80’s for a week:)

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