Winter Pets

Amos looks quite content even though the temp was well below zero. That’s just about right for him.

The pic of that blue grouse was taken this morning through my window. He is looking at me like seeking a handout. He’s been hanging around for a month now. I named him Lucky as he is lucky he didn’t wind up in the cook pot. Those blue grouse are pretty good eating. Somehow he knows I’m not gonna blow him away.


  1. Marc. Simkins

    Thanks for the “Amos picture”. He’ll keep watch while your away, so you should give him his minute of fame.


  2. Tic toc……….pictures of a fresh conch salad being made at the roadside stand would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I would settle for a picture of sand….
    covered in snow here in Wyoming and -16 this morning….

  4. Someone should be in a warm place with a cold drink in hand, waiting for an order of conch, with dreams of tomorrow’s Bonefish count………Hmmm……….Who could that be?
    Hope you got there safe!!!

  5. Al’s gonna have to endure that cold front next week…..highs predicted to be only in the upper 70’s. What will he ever do?

  6. seeing as Mike’s girlfriend down there is pretty lonely, Al can always stay warm by enjoying her company. Just say’n…..

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