Which Is Bigger?

Beaverhead Brown 06/14/2011

Big Hole Brown 06/15/2011

Ok, which one do you think is bigger? My Big Hole Brown today or Chuck’s Beaverhead Brown yesterday? I think mine by far.

Beaverhead yesterday was just ok with most of the fish being caught on nymphs. We tried streamers for quite awhile but it was a bright day and I only had one chase. There was a little color coming out of Clark Canyon Creek but not bad and the flow is fairly low. From Grasshopper creek down, it’s chocolate milk.

Big Hole today was also just so so. I will have to admit guys using nymphs were having more success than streamer junkies but they were not having as much fun. There is still lots of water but the visibility is close to 3 feet. We had just a little top water action on pmd’s.

Remember I want your vote on the biggest fish, mine or Chuck’s. Oh by the way the weather is forecast for snow tonight above 7000 feet.


  1. Geez Al, save some for the customers.
    I think your trout loses this one.

  2. I think at least 4 inches for the Kype.

  3. Al’s…..

  4. I’ll take either and be happy!

    58 days but who’s counting other than 4 jealous easterner’s.

  5. C,mon man, no contest, not even close, mine wins in a landslide…over and out…Chuck OK yours did put up more of a fight but then maybe all that water helped, eh?

  6. Dennis Williams

    Big Hole Brown Wins! Nice fish Al!

  7. big hole brown hands down

  8. Always a sucker for the hook jaws….I’ll vote Beaverhead.
    Heading north through Yellowstone after the last day of school tomorrow.
    A few days prepping fall hunting camp firewood near Big Timber, then Big Hole here we come…..
    see you guys on Wednesday…
    I’ll be the Pied Piper of the salmonflies

  9. Marc. Simkins

    Definitely the Big Hole Brown

    • tone the bone

      For fear of being un-invited to dinner next week. Big als the winner.

  10. Al’s fish wins. Besides, its a girl and the fish from the Beav can never rate with those lovely Big Hole ladies!

  11. I’ll bet Chuck’s weighed more.

  12. I’m going with Chuck’s…no wait Al’s….no Chuck’s….or maybe Al’s???

  13. Its a tough call. One is a big hook nosed male and the other is got great color and is pretty think. I call…………..A draw on the account that I’m not the one catching them!!!!!!

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