Too Much Time

Big Hole Grayling

Wow, some of you guys have way too much time on your hands. Like studying that pic of the moose. Now you gotta give credit that at a quick glance it’s easy to make a mistake on that  photo. Ok now all you smartie pants, is that a male or female Grayling?

Top water action is definitely slowing down. We fished dry and dropper last couple days and I have to admit the dropper got most of the fish. Biggest however was on a streamer. Forecast for tomorrow is for temps. in the low 80’s. That might get a little more surface  action going.

Forecast for starting next week is clouds and showers. This will definitely get the streamer action fired up.

I have been getting calls  lately to  see if we are still open. Yes we are and will be for most of October.

Big Hole flow at Maidenrock—-348 cfs


  1. Nice grayling. Did that come from somewhere near Wise River?

  2. Unless you have caught a bunch of these (usually above the Wise River confluence) it can be tough to tell. However, in males the fins (especially the dorsal), are larger than females. Where the tail forks (not in the photo), the lower half is often longer than the upper half.
    Either way, they are a real treat, and a super beautiful fish. The Big Hole watershed truly is an amazing fishery. Even in controlled fish hatchery conditions, the water must be pristine in order for successful breeding. Often the fish can be convinced to spawn (or forced to spawn) but the fry don’t survive. If you are lucky enough to catch one, enjoy the moment!

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