Sun and Wind



Current temp: 80

Wind ENE16

With these windy condtions I have been catching  fish in places where they are  normally  really spooky. Yesterday I  caught two big ones in ankle deep water on shark  flat. I took several shots of  the biggest one while holding the  rod and trying not to drop the camera in the water. When I got back I checked the camera to see how  the pics came out.  Well on every one I had my finger across the lens. This one posted is the  only shot that came out. Oh well.

Forecast is for more of the same with lots of sun and lots of wind.

Tommy Kee stopped by last night and he  had been guiding on the North Bight. His  report was about the same  with windy conditions but good visibility.

These are the conditions where a strong 9wt. comes handy. Another trick to casting in the wind is to  side arm and keep the line low.


  1. Probably easier on the eyes without all the “bottlefish” sightings too? Shark’s a good place to catch a pig going up tight along the bank but you’re right, they sure can be skittish. Looks like you hit the ground running…….good for you.

  2. Keep em coming. If anyone would like the story how shark key was named ill reflect on my journal. And share. Lol….

    • Willing to bet the story is close to how Greg and I named “Schnit your pants flat” in the back of Fresh Creek!

  3. My version of shark flat was years ago I was wading the very north end. It was a muddy bottom. Earlier I had spooked a good size lemon shark. After wading awhile that 6th sense kicked in and that shark was no more than 3 feet behind me in my mud trail. Scared the crap out of me.

  4. A couple years back on Shark Flat, we had bonefish everywhere and sharks too. That slow, undulating, lazy swim by they normally give you can change in a second. You’d hook a fish and that shark from 75 yards away would do an about face and all of a sudden swim faster than you realized they could. Amazing how they can detect that fish fighting on the end of your line from that far away. And not like bonefish jump and splash alot either.

  5. The one thing about fisherman and sharks, and I really believe this, is when they see a fisherman or the casting action or whatever, they know that there is a chance for easy pickings on a hooked up bone. That is why they hang and why there are so many. I scnitted really bad down in front of Young Sound one day. Way too many sharks for this guy.

  6. I can remember my fondest memory of sharks in the Bahamas. It was our first day there. Just got to Hank’s and we all had an itch. So we head out to Summerset. My friend JP is too excited,(His 1st trip) we head out, see a few fish get a couple of shots. About an hour into it I spot a good school of two to three pound fish. There are probably 25 to 30 fish and they are hungry! I yell to JP here they come get ready. Needless to say they eat his lunch as they have to all of us on our first trip. But the best part is, with these fish came 3 small Lemon Sharks. As the fish head off to the right the sharks keep coming. JP yells, “What do I do?” I reply “Poke them with your tip!” I think the next phrase started F*** That! Next thing you see is JP violently stabbing the water. I’m pretty sure he messed his pants, but he will never admit it!

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