Me and Abba




Not too much happening in this neck of the woods now.

I though I would share that pic of me and Abba at pirate Henry Morgans cave on North Andros Island.

It’s the middle of hunting season and so far there  has not been a hell of a lot of deer or elk taken.

It was ten below zero yesterday morning here so you think I’m ready for Andros? Counting the days.


  1. Morten and Anne

    Last year’s concert was fantastic, I understand why they keep coming back to play in Morgan’s cave. The acoustics are fantastic. I hope we are there for New Year’s Concert 2012. See you there!
    Best Anne and Morten

  2. Dumping snow in Jackson for the next week. Lines are officially frozen here as well.
    However, I did just purchase a mobile home/fishing shack and shop next to the Melrose boat launch. It will be the future home of Americatown Brewing. Looking forward to swapping stories/lies and beers with all the Big Hole Faithful. Long live the pumpkin bugger….sounds like a great Fall Beer recipe waiting to happen.
    Be good all,
    time to go skiing.

  3. When do the wheels of the plane touch down in the Bahamas…….don’t you know the rest of us need something to look forward to as well?

    Al, a little silver sequins around that columbia shirt and you almost fit right in.


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