Lots Of Fish

Nice Swimming Pool

Big Bull Dolphin

How about that for a big dolphin. Hank and I headed out in the dark for the fishing grounds and we were there well before the sun came up. I will have to admit I was a little nervous as we weaved our way through the reef. At times we were down to a slow idle as the tide was extremely low. Had it not been for a bit of moonlight we would not have tried it. We got to the  site just as it was turning light and the fishing was hot right off the gitgo. I won’t say how many we got but it was more than the previous trip and that was a good one. We were back on the dock by ten and the next couple hours was spent cleaning fish. The sharks last night had a feast on the carcasses.

The first picture is on a ocean flat about 20 miles north of here. We went there a couple days ago and it was good. My first time on that particular flat. The local kids and their dogs were having a good time and they eagerly waved when I told them I was taking their picture.


  1. Rick from Helena

    Yeah, yeah. You may be enjoying the sun but you’re missing out on 34° and a winter weather advisory back home. Anyone been fishing on the Big Hole? I’m hoping to fish somewhere next weekend and just wonder if it’s worthwhile down there or if I should hit the MO again.

  2. Al, on that flat you fished for the first time, the conch I found wasn’t a queen but a king helmet based on my looking around the internet. I let that one go free but bought an empty shell in Nassau on the way home. Home in Maine now, snow squalls and maple sap is flowing like mad. Between me and Reggie we’ll see what we can do about sending some your way. Thanks for conversation while in Andros.

  3. tone the bone

    who caught the big bull? Life jacket island? Cmon mon! Give it up.

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