Lost Rods

One Happy Fisherman

Big Hole River 6600 cfs

A couple days ago I posted on the site about a friend of mine misplacing a  couple  Scott rods. Well guess what? In the mail this morning there is this box addressed to me and just marked, lost  rods. I opened  it immediately and there were both  rods and reels. I called Art and told him. He couldn’t believe it and he was here at the shop in about 30 seconds. There was no  return address on the  box. Art asked whoever found and returned these rods to call  him as he would like to buy them a  steak dinner, take em float fishinng, give em a big hug and kiss or  whatever. 406-267-3380. You did the right thing and as you can see in the  photo you made this guy happy.

A couple young guys were in the  shop early this morning and loaded  up on articulated streamers. They had bought a few yesterday and said they had a super day with them. They showed me pics of a couple 22 inch browns they caught. These will be on the  site as soon as they can  send them to me.

I think you can start loading the Ark. The river came up 1600 cfs since last evening  and is rising fast. That still did not stop  these young guys who headed  upriver anyway. Be interesting to get their  report later today.

On another  subject, Ifound where there  is a big patch of moral shrooms and it’s close. You would have to waterboard me several times to reveal that location.


  1. When something like that happens, kinda restores your faith in the human race. Kudos to whoever returned them.

  2. Hey Al,
    You wanna see a big haul a shrooms check out May 3, 2011 entry at http://www.chuckrobbins-outdoors.blogspot.com/
    PS Lucky Art, eh? Proves once again there really are still good guys out there…On another track finally launched the crippled drift boat Saturday and she didn’t sink, Hooray! Back in action at last…over and out…Chuck

  3. The ark is being loaded. I would love to tie up some articulated streamers as an addition to the peak flow contest….
    Perhaps a few olive, natural, black, white, and of course…pumpkin.

    Hopefully that high water will wash the massive mosquito hatch down to Twin Bridges.

  4. I don’t mind waterboarding you several times!!!

  5. I’m so glad there are still good people out there!!!!

  6. tone the bone

    nice job to whom ever was kind and honorable enough to return arts rods. a true sportsman could do nothing less and whom ever you are. god bless!!! do any of you remember my story about our friend gary who lost an entire dry bag of equiptment and over 500 cash? it was all returned to him by another true sportsman 2 weeks later. makes life that much better to hear stories like arts and gary’s.

  7. just as i said 2–weeks ago—-there is a god and some goooood people on this earth!!! re steve

  8. Marc. Simkins

    You made it into the paper! Your now officially famous.


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