Henry Wallace

Master carver Henry Wallace and wife

John and Mrs. Wallace

My friend John from Montana just got here a couple days ago and yesterday had his first bonefish fix. He hooked into a really big one that straightened the hook. Another friend of mine tied that fly and now John questions the quality of hooks he  is using. Should be interesting this new feud.

A little breezy last couple days but there are still lots of places up the creek to get on the  lee  side  and have good fishing. We actually found lots of fish on this certain flat yesterday. Tommy was guiding a beginner who caught three on  his first trip out. This was also up the  creek on a different flat where they said they also found lots of  fish.


  1. I think that fly was tied for John about 8 years ago and he has used it every year since.
    And the hook straightened out?????

  2. tone the bone

    gm al; wow; is it ever wet up here. Lots of rain in spokane as of late. Snow in mt. So john made it for his annual stay. Regarding ur report of johns big bone and the hook that was straitened. I will let you report to the guy that tied it. I can just imagine how he will respond to the inferior hooks he is using. Coming from john I would suggest getting as far away as possible. Is bob down there as well? I wish that I could b down there the same time as john. He’s a kick to b on the water with. Well; I better close and get to work. Tight lines to all and say hello to arlene and our friends at hanks. T.T.B.

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