Get Ready

Close Nuff

As the air  temp  and water temp drops, what do you think will happen? Dry  fly action will slow up for sure. But now for the good news. All you streamer junkies get loaded up cuz it’s starting. Bright sun or not the streamer action is getting hot.

Starting Monday the forecast is for cooler and cloudy conditions which make perfect streamer conditions.

There was a lot of response as to which fish you would prefer to catch, the brown or the bone. It was about 50/50 with some greedy ones flat out wanting both.

How about the eyes on that cow moose? I think she is saying, you get one foot closer and I’m gonna stomp you and your boat to pieces.



  1. Tom and Bud Light

    Al, what are those things sticking out of that “cow moose’s” head in front of her ears?

  2. lol……he can spot a 23″ brown sipping in the back eddy behind a rock as he goes mach 3 down the Big Hole but…….

  3. Enough time in Divide Al…..
    everything is starting to look female….
    Maybe he is wondering why you are looking at him like a her???
    Good for a quick laugh….
    enjoy the fishing…

  4. LMAO!!!!!!!!!! I was going to mention it but you guys took care of it for me. Al, I think your mind is moving south east towards a little town called Fresh Creek.

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