Clouds And Wind

Bone on a pink bunny

Conditions yesterday and today are not very desirable for flats fishing. Lots of clouds and wind yesterday and more wind and a little  sun today.

Tarpon are starting to show up again. Frank who lives on a boat at the marina said he  had 4 shots at tarpon 2 days ago. As for exact locations, I was asked by a couple local guides not to forclose that info and I respect there wishes.  

Pretty windy conditions forecast for  the next couple days so not a hell of a lot to report.

The March volume of  Brian O’keefe’s Catch Magazine is out. He did a write up on Hanks Place and the Joulters when he was here a few weeks ago. You can see the article on blogspot.


  1. tone the bone

    gm al; sean and I arrive on aprl 30th. 10 a.m. Through the 8th of may. Need tommy for 3 days. Can you talk to him and give him a heads up please. Nothing new here. No bones in the depths of snow. Ready for the fix! Later!

  2. Is Hank catching the bonefish for your pictures too? lol

  3. Hank catching the bonefish for me——now that is funny. But if you ask him he would most definitely say he is.

  4. tone the bone

    gm al: headin to the cabin today to work and do a little playing. Bought a snowmobile and am going to give it another go at it. As you know I find myself diggin out more than makin tracks. Springs on the way here. The trees are budding and once and awhile you get a little spring smell in the air. Bugger fislin just days away. Lots of snow in the mnts so should have a great water yr. Keep the reports comin. Like the pics each report. Ttb

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