Better And Better

Big School

I don’t want to make anybody envious but zoom in this photo. How much better can it get?  A large school of bones no more than 30 feet and coming right at me. I already had the fly in the water in front of them but was able to get the camera out of my shirt pocket to snap this photo. Yep, all dem black spots be bonefish.

I got on a couple flats up the creek where the action was hot. Again I believe it’s due to the warmer water. Not sure exactly what it is but must be in mid 70’s. I encountered 3 different schools on that particular flat and got fish out of each one.

There are some crazy people around here. Just a short time ago I was out on the dock and heard some yelling by the bridge. These 3 guys jumped off a moving truck off the bridge into the sea. Many times I have walked across that bridge and looked down to the water and wondered how that dive would be. Too high for me, and these fools jumped out of the back of a pickup. They were whooping and hollering as they swam toward shore so they must have enjoyed it.


  1. Save some for us 🙂

  2. Now that’s some good stuff right there!

  3. Erik, Do you know where up the creek the picture was taken? Didn’t Mike want to jump out of the truck when coming back from Andros night?

  4. I have one of two places in my mind that pix could have been taken. Let’s just say both are up in the front of the creek within sight of Beef Key. How close am I Al? First choice is north/northwest of Beef across the bay but inbetween there and Labowsky.

    Mike wanted to do alot of things that night that defied the laws of physics.


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