I haven’t done any reports for awhile simply because there has not been a whole lot to report.
The weather isn’t cooperating a whole lot. It’s been quite warm but lots of clouds and wind.
Another reason is, I’m just able to walk again. My ankle was swollen and hurt like crazy. It’s a condition caused from eating too much conch, lobster and such.

Mostly cloudy today so I decided to go bottom fishing for snapper. Tommy stopped by this morning and said he had quite a few pilchers which work great for bait. He was not feeling good and declined to go along so I went by myself—-which I do a lot of.
I caught several nice mutton snapper so this evening dinner will be steamed snapper covered with their famous red sauce.
Hank had some prepared to take home to Eva since he doesn’t seem to be able to catch any—-if he reads this, I’m dead meat.
Think I’ll head to Red Bays for a week or two.


  1. Al
    Sounds like gout. There are meds for it, that can prevent and lessen the symptoms.

  2. gouts a bitch get it every now andthen can be caused by diuretic blood pressure meds as well as diet or maybe a combo of both anti infalmatory med help aleve is good for me stuff called colchicine is good if u can get it, take it till pain goes or u get the screaming shits ha ha ha true but it works

  3. In previous reports you told us how you always outfish Hank, so if it’s on the internet it must be true right?

    Here’s a thought on the leg: put a chair on the front deck of the skiff and have Linda pole you around??????


  4. Al, is the conch lady still around north of town? Last year she wasn’t and we heard she went to Florida, didn’t know if that was a permanent thing or what.

    And how’s Audre doing? Haven’t heard you mention her this year.


  5. tone the bone

    hey al; thanks for the report. with regards to the gout. i have never had it before (knock on wood) but have heard that booze really enhances the pain. and eric; go south torwards the bonefish club for conch. just past it there is a small lagoon with piles of conch shells. the boys get in aboutt 1 in the afternoon. 2 bucks apiece last year. headin for discovery basin for a few days of skiing. talk to ya later and keep the reports comin.

  6. Al,just to let you know a lone wolf was shot at feeley,after Tim watched it chasing.Big black bitch too,had a collar,but it has not worked for a year or so.She came from Rock Creek over by Missula.She also had an arrow in her.It might be the one thats been hanging up at the pump station and all over our place,don’t know but will keep you posted

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