Ocean Flat

The last few days have been really cold for down here. Today was excellent with just a light south wind and few clouds.
We took advantage of these conditions and headed south to an ocean flat. We got there at the perfect time with a rising tide and the fish just coming on the flats. It was so good that at one time Jim and I had one on at the same time. It was kind of cluster as we were really close and the fish got tangled around each other and us. My fish had about three wraps around my ankles.
We did manage to get them untangled and got pics of both.
We really were in the right spot at the right time because for about half hour we had fish coming by us constantly.

Gabrielle with Ancat was especially pleased with all the comments she got on her presentation to Ancat. Jim got so involved with the idea that we came back yesterday with the boat loaded with bottles. Hank isn’t too happy we are filling his dumpsters. Actually he doesn’t mind a bit.
Keep the comments coming and if you have any constructive ideas, lets here them.


  1. tone the bone

    thanks for the report al. what flat might you and jim been on? remember about that flat i told you about last year? the one that gave us shots at the grand slam? dont forget about that one. also sue wanted to let sandy know that she would rather sandy not catch all the cudas in the area and for her to please save a few when we get there. all good here but very cold. -22 at the river the other day. suppose to snow a bunch tonight and thru the weekend here in spokane. later and have fun


    YP, JIM

  3. Response regarding Ancat. Looks like a great program. I noticed when I was there a couple of years ago we found cans and bottles along the shorelines. Here is an idea. Why not establish an annual clean up day where every one with a boat go out with garbage bags and spend the day cleaning designated shorelines. Those without a boat can participate along the sea shore. At the end of the day have a barbecue for everybody at Hank’s Green Eyed Lady. Make it a fun day resulting in cleaning up a lot of beach areas. Just a thought. Have a great day.

  4. And you thought you left the cold weather behind. Brian wants to know if you we should mail you some long johns.

    Uploaded the pictures here:

  5. I like Waynes recommendations.

    If you can get the funding secured, having one or two days a year like that where people can go out and clean up, and then have someplace to bring the refuse back to dispose of it properly would go a long way. Then do something for those who participated at the end of the day or come up with some other clever way of thanking them……he gave the example of a cookout. Use the donation $’s collected to pay for these things. Face it, for alot of the locals you are going to have to do something to prod them along and get them to feel some amount of pride for the way they keep the island. Not all of them will benefit directly at first so the trick in it is showing them how it all comes back full circle.

    If I knew donations I made were going directly into programs like this where tangible results are seen, then I have no problem donating because I think it’s a great cause. Playing devils advocate I am always hesitant to make blind donations until I see things like that happening. I’m sure others look at it the same way.

  6. tone the bone

    goodmorning all; i agree with eric with regards to a donation. its hard to blindly hand over some cash without knowing that at least a majority portion is going to the cause. i guess the only way to find out is seeing results. al; is it best to send a donation directly to ancat? your our eyes and ears so let us know. looking at miami weather looks like it could be a wee bit chilly on andros. must be why we are’nt getting a daily report. later.

  7. Hi everyone from sunny Andros, Gabrielle here from the Ancat office.
    We love your suggestion to have a clean up day and a dinner later.
    I am sure we could work with this idea. Both my husband Peter and I have been working here on the island for years, I am a former teacher (15 years spent in Andros classrooms) and Peter is a conservationist and community minded leader, very capable of organizing an event like this. We want to encourage you to trust in us and see the results that your support will bring to a beautiful spot like Fresh Creek. We are strongly encouraged by your comments and know that with support we can eliminate the invasive elusive glass bottle fish. An area which is soiled with bottles can within a small amount of time and effort be restored to truly pristine beauty and within time the benefits to the marine population will be noticeable.
    Any donation made directly to Ancat will be used for the project that you specify that you wish to contribute to, we can assure you that the results we all want to see will speak for the integrity of our organization.
    If you would like to donate directly to Ancat please contact the office at ancatoffice@gmail.com and I will give you wiring instructions. US citizens may also make a tax deductible contribution to Eco Ed Foundation Inc. EcoEd is a US non-profit (Federal Tax ID# 40-0001542) that makes grants to ANCAT. Donations can be sent to EcoEd, c/o June Jager Norman, 3780 N 169th St., Brookfield, WI 53005, USA
    Thank you for the encouragement and rest assured we will not abandon this project, it is too close to the heart for us.

  8. tone the bone

    o.k. al; r u not fishing or what. we need a story of some kind. lie if you have to its better than nothing. gabriella; you wrote that if we donated through june jager that they would match funds. is this correct or did i misunderstand?

  9. Here’s a request: can we set up a group name of “Friends of Big Hole Trout” where our individual donations can specifically go. Al has helped many of us connect with Andros the times we are not able to be there ourselves, it just seems fitting. Seeing our individual donations joined with our friends from this site (many of which who haven’t even met, but have the common bond of knowing Al & Andros) might lead to more of a sense of accomplishing something.

  10. Hi tone the bone
    Yes we have a challenge grant organized by Joyce Coleman, she has promised to match all the donations Ancat receives.

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