Important Travel Notice

Western Air is no longer flying from Nassau to Andros Town (Fresh Creek). This was discovered just yesterday morning by the couple from Denmark who has round trip tickets and learned they were no longer flying that route. They still fly to San Andros but if your going to Andros Town that would involve a long and rather spendy taxi ride.

Le Air is now flying Nassau to Andros route. This is a commercial 19 passenger plane with 2 flights a day approximately 7am and 4pm.
242-368-2919. Hank said they are quite reliable.

Glen Air is a 9 passenger charter with 2 flights a day also.
Glen Pratt 242-471-1860


  1. tone the bone

    gm al; thanks for the heads up. can you find out if glen air or le air have any fishing stories to tell? i have to tell you a story. cousin steve over in concrete found an engine for my 19ft aluminum river boat. it is a 200 yamaha 115 jet. using the boat for waterfowl and steelhead i was very exited because a friend of a friend of a friend of steves told him the engine had only a few hrs on it and was going to be FREE! after driving the seven hrs to go get it i got the engine and brought it to steves marine for installation. am i ever jacked. ducks and fish here i come. oh; did i say that was a month ago by the way? crapola. thus far after getting a instillation quote of $600 i am now into this motor a little over #%^$% dollars. we ran this motor before i attempted the install. (for all of you thinking im an idiot) and was told that it ran perfect by the marina. there is alot to this story that i could tell you about to defend my continuation of this project but the bottom line is the person that owned the engine before me neglected to wash out the salt water after every trip and we had some leakage in #4 cyl. looked at it yesterday and # 4 was bad. duck season ends next week and should get a couple hunts in. oh boy. as the old saying goes. if it sounds to good to be true. lol have a great day all

  2. Glen lives on Andros and is usually flying there the end of the day, and leaving Andros for Nassau first thing in the mornings. He runs the majority of his charters out of Nassau as his home base. He told us most times he has open seats on these flights.

    The only other issue of note is that to get to his hangar, you have to leave the airport and take a 3 minute, $15 dollar taxi ride to go about 1/2 mile. You can’t just get to it walking from the airport.

    For our group, it’s been a better overall experience and one we’ll continue to do until something changes.

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