Cuda Bite

Just how sharp are a cuda’s teeth? After my experience yesterday I can tell you they are very sharp. Jim caught a good size one and when I went to gaff it is when the blood started to flow. In the first place the gaff I have is way too short. When he got it next to the boat I got it on the first try. I brought it in and when I went to flip it off the gaff it flipped or flopped or what ever and it’s teeth raked across the back of my thumb. Man I could not believe how much blood came out of that wound. There were two cuts and it was almost like someone took a razor blade and made the slices. The cuda paid the ultimate price however as five of us enjoyed it for dinner last night.

Today it was mostly overcast so we went south to a ocean flat with white bottom. There took place a scene involving three steps in the food chain which you had to see to believe. I caught a small cuda and while attempting to bring it in this big cuda came out of nowhere and ate the small cuda—-well it had it in his mouth and was heading out to sea and my reel was screaminng. Sandy was standing next to me and could not believe what was happening but there was more to come. All of a sudden this bigger shark showed up and ate the bigger cuda that had the small cuda in his mouth and my fly was still in it. Now my reel was really screaminng but only for a couple seconds as the shark cut the line. What a video this would have made.

There will be a pic in the comments of Jim and Sandy soon. I will buy a hanky panky to the first person who can tell me what they are doing.


  1. tone the bone

    where is your right hand sandy?

  2. tone the bone

    misunderstood the question but would guess that a huge wind gust hit them and one thing led to another. i think sandy needed a wading staff and found the next best thing. do i win?

  3. Hey there Al did you see that there comparing the rest area to Yelolowstone Park.The wolves had 300 or so elk just east of the rest area.Highway patrol were pulled over on both sides of the highway thinking they would cross.

  4. Judging by the situation, and the good hearted nature of sandi, I’m going to say lebowski hooked himself and needed a little assistance.

  5. Al,

    My best guess is that Sandy and Jim are lighting a cigarette or cigar. Greg

  6. That’s a weird place to be starting a game of “naked twister”.


  7. Wading staff lol.

  8. If you really want to get this thing going show it to Hank and have him comment. I can only imagine what would come out of his mouth……..

  9. tone the bone

    alright; looked closer and realize that i should have. i’m guessin jp is on the money. hooked. been there done that. hey dan; did those wolves have the herd surrounded?

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