Close Call Thoughts

Audrey asked me this morning if that incident scared me much yesterday eveninng. I told her not really as it happened so fast there was no time to get scared. Then she told some thing that scared the crap out of me. She said the screw from the freighter had to be very close to her mooring chain. Had that screw caught the chain it would have sucked us right into it and then we would have been nothing more than chum.
I sent a couple pics to Patricia to put on comments. One is the 180 ft. freighter and in front is the Bradypus. That was taken today as it left the harbor. You can see quite a little size difference.

Bonefishing was pretty good today. John from Divide and I went just for a couple hours and got nine which ain’t bad.

There is a chance there is a weather window for us to go Williams Island before we leave. With my luck lately I don’t know if I should go or not. Maybe Wally is right—-it’s time to get off the island.


  1. Well, that was as close as I have ever been to being shipwrecke and I spend a lot of time on the water.
    I agree with Al, it happened too fast to get scared.

    After a really nice dinner of spagetti bolognese, garden fresh salad and Linda’s homebaked bread, we looked up from our cigars and coctails to see the freeboard of this freighter way too close.
    Nothing to do but hope it doesn’t suck us under, and it did not, thank you very much.
    Dinner and a show on the S.S Bradypus!
    I am just glad everyone is alright.
    Now we all have another sea story, which is alot like a fairy tale,except where the fairy tale starts with Once upon a time” the sea story begins with ” This ain’t no shit!”

  2. The previous comment was made by Celeste who has a master captains license and was also on board the Bradypus when it was hit.

  3. tone the bone

    go to williams………………you got good mo-jo goin mon. need a tarpon story. from sight to cast to strike to fight to landing. grand slam in a trip is great stuff.

  4. Al, glad to hear you,Linda and Audrey,survived the near death experience. Nancy and I want to wish you,them and all our friend from Andros the best.Nancy had spinal neck surgery on march 11,everything went extremely well,thank you for the prayers.only hard thing will be stopping her from working during her recovery.glad to be back home,no place like Montana and the mountains.your friends the Delektables

  5. Wow. Considering far worse could have happened I’m glad everyone and everything looks safe and sound. Boats can always be repaired but fortunately it was nothing more than that.

    Hey Al, as your days on Andros come to another close, thanks again for all the great reports. It keeps those of us who can’t be there sane until we get to punch our own tickets for a visit. Well, maybe some of us Tone might be too far gone.

    Hope you can make it to the west side.

  6. tone the bone

    i have to agree with eric; thanks for the reports. they are something i look forward to every day. say hello to everyone and agian; thank god you guys are alright. i thought it was the smaller supply boat that hit you. that one is a bign! oh and to you eric; tic toc tic toc.

  7. tone the bone

    forgot one thing; sandy; there are other fish in the sea. lol save some for us.

  8. Wally is right! Since we have been here-just over a week-Al has been bit by a “cuda”, stung by a jellyfish, stabbed a tree root into the bottom of his foot while hiking Capt. Bills Bluehole, and been in a boat that was hit by a freighter. And he wants to go to the west side? We are not even getting in the truck with him.

  9. Dennis Pobst

    Wow, glad to hear you guys are ok! Close calls, near misses, always give a person serious things to think about! Actually you could look at your recent experiances as an incredible string of good luck! I mean, you could have been bitten by a shark, (generally worse) there could of been many jelly fish, you could have slipped and sat on the tree root, (ouch!) and you sure as hell could have been smashed to bits!
    With the lucky streak you’ve got going, go to the west side!

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