Close Call

We went exploring yesterday and found another big permit. Problem was he was in deep water and the fly didn’t have enough weight on it to get down. Distance was only about 25 feet.

Yesterday evening Audrey invited us to dinner aboard her trimaran, Bradypus which is moored in the harbor. We had just finished eating and were sitting in the cockpit when all of a sudden Linda screamed “oh my god he’s gonna hit us”. I looked up to see the freight ship, Sea Spirit sliding on the incoming tide and then bang. He hit us tearing off the port bow. Our boat was tied on the same side and the thing that saved it was when he hit the Bradypus on the bow it pushed it over. It missed our boat by inches. Had he been 15 feet further over and hit us directly with his bow we all would be in Davey Jones locker today. We talked to the captain of the freighter and he admitted the strong incoming tide was sliding him sideways as he was trying to turn toward the dock.
This morning Audrey, the captain and dock master were inspecting the damage to the Bradypus.
Never a dull moment here in the Bahamas.


  1. Wow. Glad everyone is OK and hopefully Audrey’s boat can be fixed up easily enough.

    Seems like the permit sightings are increasing this year. You think that’s a result of more being around or just going and looking for them more?

  2. tone the bone

    good morning all; holy; holy. thank god u guys ar’nt all messed up or worse. although; i guess its inevitable that if you park the car in the middle of the road your sooner or later going to get hit. surprised that audreys boat did’nt sink. that would have been the worst. i know how much that boat means to her. knowing her; if it was going down she would have gone with it. glad everyones ok. i think you and aud should get together and write that book.

  3. must be time to head to Montana

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