Big Mutton

Another Story of Audrey entry will be coming soon. She was a bit hesitant lately but after today all is well.

It was cloudy today so I hailed Audrey and told her Tommy had given me some fresh pilchers and lets go see if we can get a big mutton snapper. We tried a couple places with no success. Went to a place where I have seen several big muttons but never caught one. Well that changed today as we got a big one. So this evening Hank, Eva, Audrey, Tommy and I are feasting on steamed mutton snapper.
Hank tried to say it was a small one compared to ones he catches. Well you know where it went from there with remarks like you couldn’t catch fish in a bath tub etc, etc.

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  1. Tell Hank he’s full of S*** until we see pictures. Even then he probably still is.


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