Big Hole River 6550 cfs—-Maidenrock, and rising

The slight chance of scattered showers this afternoon predicted by the weather man turned out to be a steady rain all day. This is bringing the river up again and it could reach 7000 cfs by tomorrow morning.
So you might want to stay off it for a bit, until it drops down to a nice mellow 6000 cfs again.


  1. Based on current condtitions and snow at higher elevations, I predict that Melrose will peak at 9,500 cfs, about noon on May 27th. Maiden Rock will probably be about 9,800 early on the 27th.

  2. Looked at the river today. The raft launching area at the Divide bridge was empty, save
    > one camper from Utah, and a family, wrapped against the chill,
    > watching silently as a man and a boy fished from the bank. I
    > stopped, never having seen anyone try to fish the river at flood
    > stage. The father, a squinty-eyed, spare man, said they had come up
    > from southern Utah for the holiday. “Where we live, it’s by-god
    > summer, and it oughta be here too!” he exclaimed. “We came up to
    > camp and fish, and by-god we’re gonna!” The boy, perhaps 9, looked
    > glum.
    Dunno about your last prediction, Al

  3. Kinda blew the drawers off my 6300 prediction. I blame the meteorologist as he said only a chance of scattered showers yesterday. He kind of missed the steady down pour all day.
    The caddis have got to be really confused.

  4. Rick From Helena

    For those of you keeping score the peak so far has been 8020 on May 25th. Let’s see what happens with a few 80° days bringing down some more snow.

  5. Maybe worth mentioning that Ron Shields is the dean of stream flow measurments from the USGS in Helena.

  6. Ron-You’re way late to the party.This is almost like insider trading.Al- can we get a ruleing? 🙂

  7. We didn’t make any rules as to who can or cannot participate so I guess he will have to be allowed.

  8. Jim from whitefish

    Hopefully the river gets biblically high that it rips the bridge out to that development near Melrose and pushes those trophy homes in to make more structure downstream !

  9. I’m with Jim!!! The Aesthetic and majestic beauty that the Big Hole River Valley displays naturally is quickly being tarnished and disfigured with overdone development. The almighty created places such as this to fulfill our senses with beauty that only could be created by such. It seems that the 2% of the population who controls 98% of the world’s wealth is really pouring it on and taking over the last great place! Personally, I won’t stand for it and hopefully those who agree will show support for being a steward of nature and not a developer of it. The place has changed drastically in just a few short years and the snowball effect is just around the corner. If I want to look at trophy homes and castles I will take a trip to the city or Las Vegas for that matter…I get a sick, anxious feeling everytime I see something new going up along the river corridor and I can see nature is losing it’s battle to the only virus to inhabit this earth….”MAN”

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