Up And Running

A power surge here at Hanks the other morning kinda messed things up for a bit but now all is well.
Just sent a photo of an osprey with a lionfish in it’s talons. It was taken about a mile from here by a guy from the base. This is really cool picture. You can see the poisonous spines sticking out between it’s talons.
Going back to the west side again in the morning. Just can’t get enough of that place. This time going through the north bight and concentrating on tarpon.
Had a few people ask what the injury was last time. Linda in her drunken stupor fell out of the boat and broke her leg—-just kiddin. Actually she caught her foot on a root at camp and twisted her knee pretty bad. She’s flying to West Palm tomorrow morning to see a specialist.


  1. The osprey picture is uploaded. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dividemt/sets/

    Also, wish Linda well from us.

  2. Hi guys

    looks like you are enjoying yourself 🙂 We will be down again somtime in April. Can you give us some tips and info on the tarpon?

    Tight lines


  3. thomas gillespie

    Keep the pictures coming…It’s nice to see “blue water” photos. I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw the sun in Missoula. Have you seen, and or, had any cracks at Permit??? Also, are there any snook around??? Best wishes…

  4. Sorry to hear that Linda was hurt on your journey. Must have been a miserable time for you both. Glad she was able to get out and evaluated by a specialist for treatment.

    Really appreciate the reports. The sense of adventure is beckoning and the waters stunning.

  5. Art,
    I was given your name by a friend who has used your background knowledge suggestions on the BigHole. He suggested I contact you for suggestions for a trip to the Bahamas.
    I would like to come to the Bahamas area next year 2010 to fish for Bonefish. There are two of us looking for a DIY trip. Although we thought we would like to try one day with a guide. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    We live in Whitefish MT and are recently retired from teaching and USFS and love to fish. Would like to escape to some warmer climate for a period during the winter. Sounds like you’re in a good place having fun! Thanks, Steve

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