Big Hole River 3800 cfs—Maidenrock

The weather is unsettled and so is the fishing. It has been hit and miss for the last couple days. Fishing OK but not great.
No big bugs yet but rumors of a few down in the Glen area.

Forecast is for much the same with cool temps and a better chance of rain.

The river is dropping fast and getting close to the average flow for this time.

We have been picking up a few fish on Salmon Fly patterns even though there is none in sight.

Biggest fish today was a nice 21 inch brown and I’m not even going to say on what fly—too embarrassing.


  1. john bradford

    Aw, come on!

  2. brown rubber leg with a san juan trailer is my guess.

  3. I guessed a san juan but didn’t consider the brown rubber leg. Now I wonder why I might have guessed san juan.

  4. Rick From Helena

    Yup…gotta be a San Juan…and not just any old San Juan…but a girly PINK San Juan…with a purple glass bead.

  5. Sex Dungeon Streamer

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