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Big Hole River 488 cfs—Maidenrock

I didn’r realize it has been a few days since I did a report but several e-mails reminded me of it.

Fishing on top water reamains very good using patterns from the teeny trico, to bigger mayflies and on to hoppers and ants. If one doesn’t work just try another.

Weather pattern is for high’s in lower 80’s for the next few days.

On the subject of the new dam design at the Big Hole Pump Station, I attended a meeting last night with HKM Engineering which is the firm Butte- Silver Bow has hired to do the initial design work and begin with the permitting process. There are presently five design proprosals. As for the first three we all came to a consensus that they would not be acceptable. They were too much like the existing dam with a single deep drop which is an extreme floating hazard and an impediment to spawning fish. Proposals four and five were very interesting with a series of weirs with drops of less than two feet. These would enable safe floating over and would be no problem for spawining fish.

There will be a public meeting this Thursday evening at 6pm in the council chambers which is on the third floor of the court house in Butte. I urge anyone who is in the area to attend.


  1. Thank you, Al, for participating in the diversion planning, bringing some angling/floating sense to the process, and keeping us informed about the process. I hope to see you at Thursday’s meeting.

  2. I always liked the fact that we had a stretch of river that nobody floated because of the dam. Personnally, I’d like to see it (the dam) unfloatable, with ladders in place to accomodate migrating fish. Yes, I mean a long drop all the way across. It’s a very short section of river, but one that takes a lot pressure off of the fish. I’ve lived here all my life and have fished the river since the 60’s, and I am a floater.

  3. I do not diaagree with you on that. However with a steep dam all the way across there are some people who will always try it and inevitably more people will die there. The image of the mothers of the two gals who died there throwing bouguets of flowers in the river below the dam are still very fresh in my memory.

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