Somerset Beach and Creek

It was a bright cloudless day with a some what cool breeze out of the north. Tide was low around noon so I decided to head out to Somerset once again. The bottom at Somerset is mostly white sand so even on a cloudy day you have good visibility. Today was exceptional. I headed up the creek as the tide was still coming out and I haven’t checked out that area for awhile. Even at low tide there is a hole up by the mangroves where at times a couple schools of bonefish hang out. They were there today and it was almost too easy. I could see the flashes from time to time and all I did was blind cast into the hole. Easy pickins and these were not big fish but not bad at around 2 pounds. It was great until a cuda decided to join in the action. I then headed out to the ocean to look for fish that mill around waiting for the tide to turn again. I found a nice school and these guys aren’t like the dumb ones on the west side. I dropped the fly a little too close and they all headed for the Abacos. I did get a nice one around 7 or 8 pounds wading way out along the sand bars as the tide started to turn.
I see Patricia got those pics on the site and I will try to get some from Somerset. A bright day like today the colors toward the reef are awesome. Linda has a digital camera and took most, actually all the shots. I have one of those disposable jobs that has been in my fanny pack for about three years now. One of these days I will get a good digital just like one of these days I will get a gps. My brother keeps telling me how valuable they are especially when going to places like the west side. I told him my birthday was coming up and he could send me one. He then changed his tune and said the gps between my ears was working fine.


  1. While you’re enjoying the Bonefish at Andros I thought I might give you an update from the Madison in Montana. The weather has warmed up (30-40 degree days) and so has the fishing. For the last 2 days I’ve been out between 1 and 3pm Nymph fishing and it has been great. Using a Hurless Gray Flashback Size 8 up front and trailed with a Pheasant Tail Size 18 Tungsten I’ve caught alot of 16-20 inch Bows and Browns. So enjoy you’re Bahamas, I stick to Montana.

  2. Send the pictures my way when you get a chance.

  3. Scott in PDX

    Talking about cameras, I would suggest the waterproof line from Olympus. I have the Pentax waterproof camera, and it is not to my liking. But the fact that it is water/shock proof makes it nice for the river, and in your horrible predicament, the salt.

  4. That’s what I took the pics with… an Olympus 1030SW… waterproof and shockproof. Great little camera, only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s hard to see the screen in the sun.

  5. Linda, have you been taking pictures with it underwater, how does it fare in the salt? I have one but haven’t used it like that yet

  6. Haven’t been underwater yet with it…. too busy looking for bonefish, and besides, too cold to be underwater right now. It should be fine in the salt though, as long as it gets rinsed with fresh water afterwards and as long as the o-ring is good. will try it one day and let you know.

  7. with it getting to the single digits here today, I guess cold is a relative term!

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