Peak Flows

Big Hole River 4720–Maidenrock

There have been a few comments as to when the river will peak and at what level.
Jim’s first entry of June 12th is a bit gone I think and believe he will take another look at his crystal ball.

Rick from Helena’s prediction is in my mind very close.

Another thing we have to consider is the sunspots which I completey forgot about.

Let’s have some fun with this. No wagers as that doesn’t seem to work.

How about whoever is the closest I will donate two dozen flies of their choice from my fly shop.

Do your research carefully as conditions are changing daily and don’t forget the moon tides.


  1. Rick From Helena

    And just to keep it on the up & up, we should probably decide in black and white which station we’re using from the USGS site. Maiden Rock near Divide, Melrose, Glen, or Twin Bridges. I say we use the Maiden Rock site since it’s closest to Al.

  2. Maidenrock it is and also give what you think the flow will peak at.

  3. My bet is June 5, although I don’t think it will be much higher than today.

  4. I’ll go with May 30th, flow of 6750cfs

  5. My guess is June 2, flow of 6450cfs.

  6. I’ll go with June 1

  7. i’m guessing June 3, lots of snow left in those hills

  8. Where: Maiden Rock
    Date: June 2nd
    Flow: 6530 cfs

    And just for fun I’m guessing the Salmon Flies will arrive on June 14th near Wisdom.

  9. Let me clarify the location of the salmon flies showing up. Instead of Wisdom I intended to write “Wise River”. I must have been daydreaming about some big brown.

  10. Steve from ut

    june 4 6635

  11. Tom from Jackson says May 30th 6570

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