Leveling Off

Big Hole River 6220 cfs—Maidenrock

I’ve been getting lots of predictions as to when the river will crest and at what level. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the 6300 cfs it got to yesterday at Maidenrock was the crest. Unless we get some super warm temps and lots of rain in the near future I don’t see it getting much higher. I know there are those who think I’m nuts but they thought that last year as well.

There was a fishing report in yesterday’s Montana Standard that basically said “the Big Hole was a raging chocolate mess and don’t even try it”. Well Paul I’m gonna have to disagree with you. When looking at the river from the road for example it looks like a chocolate mess. If you walk to the bank you will notice the visibility is at least a foot to foot and a half. As for not even trying it, Roger went against your advice yesterday evening and went down in the Maidenrock Canyon. There he got into a back water pool and between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm he had a ball on top water action using a purple haze and miracle caddis. He said there were lots of fish rising and some really big ones but he couldn’t hook up on those.

If your thinking about floating the river this weekend I do suggest only very experienced oarsman to be on it. If you want a easy float and try a little fishing also, go way up river where it’s an easy run and fantastic scenery.

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  1. Paul Redfern

    Actually you would be disagreeing with the infamous sub standard writers. I was soooo ticked when i read that sentence, All i could do was shake my head. I wanted him to get across to the readers to be extra careful and cautious with the high water. Chocolate milk!Anyone who has been around here very long knows that “dark tea color” is about as bad as the Big Hole gets.
    Hell, i even got credit for reports for fisheries i did not even talk about. Wonder what i will tell him next week. I know, i’ll tell him to call you.
    Funny you should mention last years crest date. I was in you camp, and won a bet with my hydrologist friend. And i would agree that rain will be the determining factor this year. If we stay dry,we may have seen the peak.

    Fish On!

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