Late Start

Big Hole River 740 cfs—Maidenrock

I shoulda stayed in bed til noon today and then started fishing.
This morning it was bright, cold and breezy and the fishing was terrible. It was after high noon before it started picking up and then it got good.
Then it was the bigger dry flies that got the action. The hatch was pretty nonexistent most of the day.
Temps are forcecast to be warmer the next few days and that will get the hatches going again in the morning.

Almost had another rescue today. Guy in a innertube, but he made it out on his own.

One Comment:

  1. Innertube? Too much.

    Al, a guy asked me why I fish attractors like Royal Wulffs or Purple Haze etc on the Big Hole even when there are good hatches. Answer of course is because they catch fish.

    But thought I’d run this by you. I do carry and use more exact imitations, but generally they simply do not seem to catch as many fish. Some exceptions of course for Tricos, big caddis hatches, and the one & only time fish wanted to slurp Brown Drake spinners and nothing else.


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