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Big Hole River 625 cfs

Weather was a bit strange today with cloud cover and then some pretty strong west winds which were never forecast–go figure. As for the wind you just have to deal with it. We had a little slow down just after lunch but other than that it was good fishing.
Frank and Sid (also from North Carolina) commented they caught more fish in the first hour on the Big Hole than they did in two days on the Clark Fork. Not to take away from the Clark Fork which can be excellent fishing and big fish but when it’s in the mid 90’s for temp. it’s tough.

As for the flies there was nothing super special or secret. Small caddis and basic mayfly patterns. In the afternoons we have been going to bigger mayfly patterns like size 12 and even 10’s.
Most important thing is to get a drag free drift and LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDE.


  1. Every time I listened to my guide I got skunked. Just kidding bro. You are the best.

  2. Rick From Helena

    It always amazes me that some folks will lay out $400-$500 to hire the best guide, a person that is on the river EVERY day…and then doubt that they are telling the truth.

    “Really, I have to get my fly closer to the bank? But when I fish the creek by my house in New Hampshire I don’t have to do that. You must be wrong.”

  3. Crazy. I agree on the listen to your guide thing but I also say if your client wants to put his fly somewhere else and is stubborn about it, you sure as hell better let him learn his lesson on his own. He is the one paying.

  4. Guides for the most part are a good group and Al is the best,but guides don’t always try to understand why the client does the crazy things that they do.

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