High And Muddy

Big Hole River 4600 cfs

We took a drive up to Wisdom yesterday afternoon just to check out the conditions up there. The ice jams have broken for one thing. With this warm weather the last couple days the low snow up there is melting big time. Every draw or gully up there was running full of water.
Forecast is for much cooler temps. starting tomorrow and snow showers below 5000 ft. (oh goody) by the weekend. The river will start to drop in the next couple days but it may take a bit for it to start fishing good again.


  1. thanks for the report. Any bets this year on the peak, did that guy pay?

  2. No, that guy never did show up to settle the bet and it was his bet, I just called him—-oh well.

    A little too early to make any bets on the high water this year, but there will be lots of it which is great.

  3. lol gotta ask – whos we?? did your gf come to stay w/ya??

  4. Al,
    It is so good to have you back in Divide and giving us reports. For us here in Korea who are from Montana, it is just like being there. We miss it so much and you give us a little bit of home.


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