Happy Guide

Big Hole River 520 cfs
Beaverhead River 360 cfs

While I was gone to Denver, Mike was covering for me guiding my clients. It sounds like I missed out on guiding some pretty nice folks. When I got back Mike called and said it was the best couple trips he had the entire year. He said Herman and Geannie were the best clients any guide could ask for. It wasn’t that the fishing was that spectacular, but they just knew how to have fun. On the Beaverhead they opted to go with dry flies even though nymphs seemed to be the better choice. It did work out however as she caught a 23 inch trout on a small dry fly up in the slick—way to go.

As of today I closed the shop for the season. Fishing is still good but the weather isn’t. Snow showers and high’s in the low 30’s for the next few days. Too cold for this dude.
We will still be running shuttles for any who want. Just call 406-267-3346 to set it up. That number rings at the shop and at my house.


  1. Hi! And thanks for a fantastic website. I’ve lurked for the past few years and follow it religiously, whether I have plans to fish the Big Hole or not. Many times in the past you’ve commented on global warming, and after every snowstorm or cold spell I hear people commenting on the “farce” of global warming. I don’t want to turn your fishing blog into a political debate over global warming, but I did want to provide a link to an article that I thought you might find interesting:


    Stay warm this winter and I’ll be over to fish pre-runoff in the spring!

  2. Again, not to turn this into a political arena, but there are not many reasons to be pro global warming unless you believe in the science of it. There is every reason to be against it as you believe that new environmental restrictions could hurt your wallet. Personally, I trust scientists more than I trust economists.

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