Gettin Ready

Been getting some e-mails asking why I’m not on Andros Island yet and giving fishing reports from there.
Well I’m waiting to clear up a little medical issue and then I’m on a plane to the island.
I’ll see if I can get a few reports from some of the local guides such as Herman, Tommy and Benri. I know the weather there last week was perfect for heading to the remote west side. Very light winds out of the east and those are ideal conditions there.

If anyone is planning a trip to Andros I highly recommend any one of these Bahamian guides. They all have extensive knowledge of the waters from the bights to the west side and the Joulters.

I’m gonna get off the beaten path here for just a bit and tell you about the wolf situation here in the Big Hole Valley.
I have it from a very good source there will be no moose permits let out for next years hunting season in the upper Big Hole Valley. Reason being, there are very few left. A calf moose especially is very easy prey for a wolf pack. In the past when I would go up La Marche or Fish Trap creek country I would always see moose. To be honest I have not seen one up there for the last 4 years.

There was a news item in today’s Montana Standard from the Fish and Game. Due to all the livestock killings by wolves they have decided to try to eliminate the so called Battlefield Pack. They also are going to try to cull the Miner Creek Pack which is estimated to be over 15 animals and that is a big pack.
There are those who say these ranchers are just whining and the loss of a few head is no big thing and just get over it. With the cattle market the way it is the loss of a few head is a big thing.
There are also those who say a wolf only kills what it will eat—wrong big time. Talk to the rancher south of Dillon where wolves killed over 140 of his sheep in a very short period of time. A wolf is a killing machine and they are very good at it.
Wolves are here and here to stay. I’m not totally against them but their population has to be kept in check.
If you want the ranchers perspective, contact any one of them in the Big Hole Valley. If you are 100% pro wolf I would not recommend asking him for permission to fish on his property—just a little friendly advise.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. i hope all is well????

  2. Brother doing as well as can be expected. 7 hours of surgery and next week he starts radiation/chemo. Hope your brothers doing well. Have a good Thanksgiving and keep the wolves at bay (at least away from Amos). Will try to call before you leave for Andros.



  3. Cole Corgatelli

    Hey Al, you wouldn’t know me by name but you might by face. I am going to Cancune in March for my very first salt water flyfishing experience. I have not a clue on what is required. I have a 9 wt rod built. Will be targeting from what it sounds like baby tarpon, snook, and bone. Going there for 4 days and talked the wife into letting me go fishing for 1 day.

  4. Al. Get the hell out of here. It’s too damn cold!

  5. I second that. The next report should be from a barstool at Hanks with a cold Kalik and order of cracked conch in front of you. After that some R&D up Fresh Creek would be nice.

    Remember, we have to live our lives vicariously through you. Don’t let us down!

  6. tone the bone

    goodmorning al; i agree with eric. u should be on andros. life this time of year is not the same without our daily report from the flats of andros. suzie and i are booked for the 13th of april and cant wait. if u hear from hank u might give us an update on his situation. well is -3 here and i need to put some wood on the fire. later! oh; one more thing. went and fished the skagit river last weekend and had a ball. the fishing was slow and alot of work. watched the spay casters and it looked like fun. looked alot easier than throwing my 8wt. might have to try it someday.

  7. Tone,

    Is Hank OK? I get the jokes from him often enough and knew he was going in for something but didn’t think it was anything serious. Shoot me an email at and title it Andros and let me know what you’ve heard if you would.

    My group is there end of March/beginning of April next year so won’t see you.

  8. Here is a link to the tracks by the dam and the wolf tracks by the house.

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