Dry Flies

Big Hole River 7520cfs—Maidenrock

The last couple days the late afternoon and evening fishing has been excellent on top water. Still lots of caddis coming off with most in the early evening. Had a report from a couple guys who floated the upper river and were chucking streamers. They said they had good success using big streamers

The weather forecast for this coming week is for temps. to be 20 degrees colder with chance of showers for the next three days. Also chance of snow in the high country. That will definitely be streamer conditions. Those colder temps. should slow down the runoff which has hung around 7500 for the past week. That is unless we get lots of rain and then it could blow out big time.
Visibility is right at two feet at this time.

Last few days we have had the river all to ourselves. Art went with last trip as he had not yet had his brown trout fix for this year. We took care of that many times over and had a couple that went 20 inches. Lots of hot bows in the 14 to 16 inch range.


  1. Rick From Helena

    So far…it’s a tie. For those keeping score the river has hit 8020 CFS twice. May 25th and 27th. But with a change up in the weather pattern this week we’ll see what happens. To early to tell.

  2. Rick From Helena

    There it is again. 8020 on June 1st. A three way tie and unless we get some kind of grandiose gully washer in the next week. I think we’ve peaked for 2009.

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